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The Photo store studio is India's creative photography agency, who have a Brilliant team of photographers, makeup artists and in-house photography team with 10 years of experience and Photo expertise, who works for artistic photography. Provide Event Photography and Video Films for small size and medium size company, big size companies like multinationals. The studio has a darkroom, a display room and space for related works.

The Photo store studio Video & Photography is an art of observing things very closely. It’s about finding things which are exciting in a regular place it has little to do with the stuff you see. A good photograph is one that expresses a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. The Photo store studio business and workshop are located in Mumbai, Vasai, India.

Our artist creates photos for your precious and good memories. Photostore is you’re snapshot expert with a team of focused photographers, artist and sketch. From, photograph, portrayal to description and statue we have all for you. A well stabilized workshop with professional room, studio, light and camera. Our pictures are depiction of the creativity. We always try to capture our special moments, how amazing is it when someone does it for you and present in well framed figure. Where brush is the master of art likewise workspace is the key of splendid images and pictures, we just help creating a photocopy of your special moments. High quality cameras that accounts in creating impression on fight catch, with clear prints and reports. We are increasingly becoming part and puzzle of people’s wedding, companies and occasional routine.

Below are the photographs of Traditional Indian Weddings, an artistic work of creative Indian photographers.

wedding-photography new 1
wedding-photography new 2
wedding-photography new 3
wedding-photography new 4
wedding-photography new 5
wedding-photography new 6
wedding-photography new 7
wedding-photography new 8
wedding-photography new 9
wedding-photography new 10
wedding-photography new 11
wedding-photography new 12
wedding-photography new 13
wedding-photography new 14
wedding-photography new 15
wedding-photography new 16
wedding-photography new 17
wedding-photography new 18
wedding-photography new 19
wedding-photography new 20
wedding-photography new 21
wedding-photography new 22
wedding-photography new 23
wedding-photography new 24
wedding-photography new 25
wedding-photography new 26
wedding-photography new 27
wedding-photography new 28
wedding-photography new 29
wedding-photography new 30
wedding-photography new 31
wedding-photography new 32
wedding-photography new 33
wedding-photography new 34
wedding-photography new 35
wedding-photography new 36
wedding-photography 1
wedding-photography 2
wedding-photography 3
wedding-photography 4
wedding-photography 5
wedding-photography 6
wedding-photography 7
wedding-photography 8
wedding-photography 9
wedding-photography 10
pre-wedding-photography 1
pre-wedding-photography 2
pre-wedding-photography 3
pre-wedding-photography 4
pre-wedding-photography 5
pre-wedding-photography 6
pre-wedding-photography 7
pre-wedding-photography 8
pre-wedding-photography 9
candid-photography 1
candid-photography 2
candid-photography 3
candid-photography 4
candid-photography 5
portrait-photography 1
portrait-photography 2
portrait-photography 3

Wedding Film & Photography

The intention of taking photos is so that you don’t have to explain things with words. A photograph makes you aware of every tiny moment in a person's life that reveals greater honesty behind that photo. We seize your moments on the wedding day when you’re getting ready when you are laughing and crying with buddies and family, when your fiance realizes that everyone is gazing at her, when you wrap arms with your weepy dad, and when your groom sees you in your dress for the first time.

Our photographers are also there when you take your first rounds hand-in-hand as 'Mr. and Mrs. '. There’s no joy like that joy. And then we mesmerize you on the spot to bring the past, present, and promises for the future united in your Wedding Movies & Videos.

It is a novel experience which you and your guests will never forget. We also have a studio set-up to capture candid photos of the Bride and Groom. A photo is worth a thousand words. We make sure that when you see all the photos of your wedding, you don’t miss any emotion and delicate moments. Sometimes, photos convey the true emotion of that person and our job is to make sure that right emotion is captured in every photo. Taking a photo, freezing that moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. Clicking photos are relishing life deeply, every hundredth of a second.

Pre-wedding Film & photography


Getting married is a huge commitment. You want these memories to be shared and cherished long after the wedding is over. We make it happen by capturing every moment for you, and every couple has an exciting and lovely story to tell and to share that you need to have a pre-wedding film and photograph!!! Things that you see in photos are that you were not afraid to fall in love with each other. It is a wonderful opportunity for couples to express the excitement to each other and capture this golden phase in an unpremeditated way. In fact, it is the best opportunity of breaking the ice and tiling a smooth path to the significantly momentous wedding day. Our photographers shoot photograph and films in a studio or our photographers bring the studio equipment to the destination you desire. So let's light, camera, Showtime!!!

Fall in love all over again and learn more about each other and anticipate well for the big wedding day. Our expert’s photographers Shoots and creates Pre-wedding Film & photography for your special occasion.

Candid Photography


Candid style of photo is increasingly becoming widespread. Some people are naturally good candid posers. Making amazing portfolio is our forte. Our photographs justify your natural beauty. We have a multi-background studio as well. The photo that we take with our camera is the imagination you want to formulate with reality

Photos are undoubtedly the most important thing to a model. We understand your desire to be photographed in coordination with experts, make light and camera choices.

Our photographers also understand that commercial candid photographs go way beyond merely making a photo look nice; it must be concerted and consistent while obeying the actual shot. We dot the Mumbai landscape but we have fashioned a niche for individuals in this field.

Maternity Photography


Every change has a reason and undoubtedly nothing can match the level of happiness when you are going to be a father, mother or Grandparents. The excitement and happiness of a new tiny Angel in one's family upgrades your joy and designation from a woman to mother, man to a responsible husband. "A child gives birth to a mother". This moment of beginning a new life together comes only and only once in your life and this transition is so beautiful and so worth capturing.

We deeply understand this emotion and we are here to share your happy moments by the medium of a photo. We photograph pre and post maternity shoot in our studio as well as at locations of your choice.

We make sure that every photo has a very beautiful story to tell. Photographs seize the moment which you wish it never passes by. Our studio has all the amenities needed to take care of you.

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