About Us

Who we are?

"The Photo Store" is a company that glances into the future of photography for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and any event or festive function that needs to be captured. Mr. Risham Jaiswal, a very imaginative mind with a hard passion for photography, felt the need to make a difference. The young hearted founder of ‘The Photo Store’ discovered that there is a lot more to offer in the digital world of photography. With an overall 10 years of mastering photography from an engineering perspective and implementing cutting-edge research on the capabilities of high-end photography and videography, he founded ‘The Photo Store’ to help customers make all the possibilities of the camera capturing alive. Mr. Risham Jaiswal, along with his set of dedicated staff, makes the magic of photography and videography come alive.

Our Services

Our Well Experienced Team

We consist of a cast with a backbone of 10 years experience in applying the latest technology enhancements in photography. Our staff has made weddings and other videography events transform to perfection, with amazing candid capturing and implementing various photographic styles and techniques. Your wedding story comes alive with our experts, who have worked hard and smart on branding 'The Photo Store'. Our team members are flexible and work in perfect synchronization while active on the production site. The company owns its tribute to the innovative thinking and commitment of the staff that has put 'The Photo Store' on the desirable map by providing fantastic customer service and product quality. With a highly creative and enthusiastic crew, we are able to tell the story of your wedding in your very own custom designed wedding album.

Why Pick Us?

Impeccable quality with outstanding clarity. The team members never compromise on quality and maintain the integrity and the compliance of 'The Photo Store'. The team completely understands quality and approaches every angle of photography before final printing. We also provide raw images with high resolution, which is not carried out by many photo studios. The Photo Store even takes it a step further by providing our customers with high-resolution templates, so they can get the same exposure on film as the originals, which is not offered by most photography companies. We also provide you with a template preview prior to printing, so you can make any changes you desire before ending up with some unsatisfied photos. The best part about us is we are focused on excellent customer relations and long-term service with our clients, so we offer the most reasonable budget-friendly prices, without the discomfort of the quality of the photography and videography. We are also extremely comfortable with bulk printings and provide our prints in multiple colors and dimensions. In other words, we are purely customizable.

Other Unique Features Include

Discounts on Wedding Photo Albums as per offer available. Leather to Acrillic type of paddings that feature no wear and tear from frequent hand exposure, child safe, waterproof, etc. We can design the album with the wedding couple face cover and theme as per the client's request. We can also imprint any picture on any personalized material, which you can buy and purchase from our photo store or carry your own personalized items to print on. From pillow cover and sheets to art frames, cups, t-shirts there is no stop to getting your picture imprinted on any object and keeping the original aesthetic appeal of the picture.

Our wedding photos are made from non-tearable, non-toxic material that is built to last a lifetime of memories. We also keep a backup of all your images and videography so if you ever lose your templates, you can simply give us one call and we will have it ready for you in the assigned time frame. Our wedding albums come with DVD and CD cases that are built with strong durable and waterproof surface to protect your sweet treasure wedding moments. We also provide other camera setups ranging from crane level, drone photography and video capturing. We also offer a record, with back up of all passport photography whenever you need. Visit the ‘The Photo Store’ now and seize an opportunity to make a memory last a life time.