The Best Gear for Photographing Kids

Photographing kids
  • Vatsal Modi
  • May 5, 2018

Did you know that a baby grows 2 to 3 inches every month!! Their growth is so fast that you don't even get the time to completely adore them. The best way you can preserve their cuteness is by clicking as many photos as you can. Their every action is so adorable that you will be on your toe to capture them and to make sure that we don't miss them here are some tips and Gears to seize these amazing moments.

You don't need a fancy and heavy setup that for a wedding; no lights, nothing complex. It is very important to move fast and think fast and keep it simple and maintain the spontaneity. And always remember, when you go in front of a kid they don't look at you as a photographer; they see you as someone who has come over to play. It is not necessary to invest in an expensive DSLR or high-tech cameras when you can click fabulous photographs with your smartphone itself.

Here are few gears and applications which you buy for excellent kid’s photography:

External Lenses:-

External lenses for an iPhone can be relatively cheap than a DSLR lensing. There are magnetic, clip-on, and phone case lenses. These are the best options while you are running around shooting your kids photographs. Phone lenses normally come in a pack with a proper equipment to mount to. They can be twisted and tightened on or locked into place. This secures the lens. But you do have to take care of your phone security as they are very witty and playing around them might cause any damage to your phone or lens.

Color Filters:-

You can make use of the various applications which is available in your app store to give filthy rich effects and shades to the photos. There are few apps which might help you to enhance the quality of the image, improve the stability of the image, remove the errors in an image, for example, red-eye effect or over brightness. These modifications can be done very easily and will add a new effect to your photographs as well.

Use Gimbals to Stabilize your Videos.

If you're going to be running around while shooting a video, no measure of image stabilizer will save you from jarring shots. Stabilize your video by making use of a Gimbal which oscillates in such manner that you won't find any bump or jerk in the video.

Use Monopods or a selfie stick.

There are few high ground shots which cannot be shot by our hands and I am sure you really don't want to flip your phone high up in the air which might not only damage your phone, but there are chances that you might miss the landing of the phone and it might scare the kid if it falls around or on him. Using a monopod will give you safety assurance and you will be able to click photos with an extraordinary angle.