Tips to select best location for Photography.

Photography Location
  • Vatsal Modi
  • April 18, 2018

Have you ever looked at the work of a good photographer and admired how they found such gorgeous places? Or would you like to travel to a new place to do pre-wedding photography but are uncertain how to find the best locations?

You are not the only one who is going through such a jumble. It takes an effort to find the best locations and most photographers go through this process. This blog might help you or ease your thought process.

Here are five Tips to select the best location for pre-wedding Photography.

The heart of pre-wedding photography is about documenting every moment which a couple experiences in their "Golden Period". You can find shots to capture these beautiful moments everywhere and you don’t necessarily need to travel to capture great shots.

The most important thing with pre-wedding photography is to have fun and enjoy getting out with them and also with your camera. Remember, your goal is to capture excitement, chemistry, and depict their love towards each other. It takes time to get your pitch-perfect location, but with some practice and patience, it is rewarding.

1. Understand the expectation of the client first

The first step to finding great places to take an overview of their imagination and use your creativity to enhance their vision.

This might help you in two ways:

  • It helps you find the most iconic and thrilling thoughts which might bring a new angle to your creativity to take photos.
  • It will give you an idea of a potential place for the type of photography you have in mind (for example, perhaps you are looking for somewhere to do long photography, or perhaps you like to work in black and white)

There can be few locations where the couple might have very great memories because if its simplicity which can be a perfect canvas to paint their pre-wedding memories onto. They may have lived there for years and built up a plentiful body of work. All these things help build a picture in your mind of the location and its potential for pre-wedding photography.

2. Explore

Once you select your location, curiosity is the key to discovering interesting things and places to photograph. If you’ve done your inquiry you already know the most fantastic and suitable locations but what about those locations which are not so famous. You can only find those by exploring. It’s only the urge to see what is unseen, or where a silent road takes you that allows you to find these places.

3. Make sure you do a thorough reiki.

Make a schedule to investigate the location according to the light and scene which you have in mind. As time goes by you can research the places and time which seem most appealing to you.

4. Make your list

Another method is to write down a list of the areas you’d like to visit. Then research on them. This will give you time to think about how much time you need on location, and how to manage your schedule.

5. Find your personal vision

There’s nothing wrong with taking photos of commonly used locations, and sometimes but the danger is that you might miss looking elsewhere for good places. Wherever you go to take pre-wedding photos, and no matter how well exotic some of the locations would be, always have an urge you to look and find your own version out of it.

These tips are just some of the methods that you can find interesting for pre-wedding photography.